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Last Reviews

User without photo

Very very bad experience. Higher price than other place, elder girl, bad service, don't touch here, don't touch there, can't do this , can't do that.

User without photo

Overpriced rip off! The service was prompt I'll give them that. The repair took about 15 minutes and required a simple unplug of a blown fuse controller and plug in a new one. the parts costs $24 on ebay probably cheaper for someone in the industry. The charge $265... Similar competing companies would have charged $95 for call out plus another $50 for parts and labour (15 mins) so a markup/rip off of at least $100. I would suggest you give your business to a more honest trader. left me feeling like I had gone to a dodgy mechanic... GENUINE LG REFRIGERATOR DEFROST TERMINATION THERMOSTAT CONTROL ASSY 6615JB2002T Price:AU $24.00

Rachel MacLeod

If I could give negative stars that would better represent the service. I required another cleaning firm to come and clean up the mess these people made. I went out for 2 hours and my neighbours told me they stood out the front smoking the whole time. When I arrived home, I asked what they had done and he said "the walls", to which I wiped my hand over the wall and acquired a hand full of dust. This was met with extreme rudeness which was very unpleasant to deal with. Upon calling the firm to discuss, a man arrived who was also extremely rude and very agressive. I had to leave again to get away from him. I could go on and on, but please do yourself a favour and use a different firm. I attempted to resolve this situation with Abelia but they still charged me $150!! What a joke.

Jason Damiani

Recommended to every one Orson job thank you so much

User without photo

Incompetent company, who are quick to send lawyers letters for fees you had no idea about, however not smart enough to read paperwork to send an email or phone or send a letter. Asked nicely for a simple fee to be waived because it was not my fault I was not aware the strata fees were in arrears. Instead they made every excuse under the sun that they were not to blame. Would have been ok to bear the cost had they had just apologised. Worst customer experience with any strata company and that's saying a lot. At all cost AVOID!

User without photo

I have been training with Kylie since 2015 and would recommend her services to anyone. I was never into going to the gym in the past because I found it boring. The gym is no longer boring for me and I have achieved (and Learnt) more in the past 2 years than in the previous 20 years on how to be fit and healthy.

User without photo

I would not recommend Steve Putric to anyone after my terrible experience with this assessor. I immediately used my original assessor, who was unavailable when I used Steve Putric, and will stay with them. I feel I need to let people know so they can be warned.

User without photo

Builder proved false information throughout the build and substitued cheap product outside of contract. Numerous defect found and when challenged refused to address and demanded payment even when work incomplete. Photos and reports available if individuals would like to review prior to engaging contractor.

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