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George Gramnea

Really good flower wall. The flowers looked real in all the photos. Amazing!

User without photo

1800Drivers is the best place to find truck driver jobs in Melbourne. They provide the proper training needed for driver jobs in Melbourne and you never run out of assignments once you register with this agency. I am thankful towards 1800 Drivers for providing me with a stable truck job in Melbourne.

User without photo

Capital Removalists Melbourne and the staff were great and proficient over the phone and in person.The guys have been doing work outstanding. From packaging and filling the truck, this team worked well together. While one gentleman was packaging the stuff, other two were dealing with truck loading and moving the furnishings. Once they needed some additional help, the third man was just there to help. Less than in four hours my three bedrooms home was empty and clean. They were on time and were expert and speedy. They did not waste any time and were so responsive and well-mannered. The guys were so alert chiefly with maneuvering our huge fridge. They knew what they were doing specially when moving things upstairs. I will recommend them to everybody.

User without photo

Great Little Tobacconist. Very freindly and often cheaper than Coles.

User without photo

Excellent massage shop. Probably the best on the Coast.

Dharma Ram

I called "My Duct Cleaner" Melbourne and the lady on the other side explained me with much patience and in great detail why it was necessary to get my ducts checked for carbon monoxide leakage. They did same day. I must say that they have a wonderful customer care team!

David Lawrence

I’ve build with Competent Builder & Developer Pty ltd

In a nutshell it was a disaster, so many issues during build and issues related poor workmanship continues.

Builder is smooth talking shameless criminal.

- Shocking poor workmanship, Builder got caught trying to cover-up a fatal structural defects in slab

- Project was dragged beyond contact finish date and liquidated damages got kicked-in

- None of the trade people were paid.. so I’m on my own with critical plumbing, electrical warranty issues

- Within 12 months of house handover garage brick wall started leaning to a side.. it’s a matter of time until wall collapses

- defect list is too long to list

.. do yourself a favour.. find someone else and save you heaps of trouble ahead

User without photo

Hoai Thu Vietnamese woman gave us ugly customer service. Maybe she's already rich enough so she does not need customers as much.

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