CASHNGO in Sydney

Suite 3, L Church Street Parramatta

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CashnGo is a unique short term money lending business that provides fast loans to people who need extra cash.

We are tech-savvy individuals who were dissatisfied with the way customers go about applying for personal loans from the local shop-front lender to the more astute online lender and knew that technology should be making this process a lot easier. So, we got to work and built a technology platform that provides you with an effortless solution.

We offer loans up to $2000 and once approved you can pay it all back happily using flexible repayments and a schedule you set up yourself before confirming your loan. It’s that easy! Our loan procedures ensure you'll see all the costs involved upfront, so you can make the right decisions. We want you feeling comfortable about the costs involved.

Opening hours

Opens at 0:00
  • Every day from 0:00 - AM to 0:00 - AM

Social / Internet

Payment methods accepted

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
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Last update: 08/04/2019
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