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Relationship Pain Does Not Mean Its Over. It does mean that it is time to Repair, Design and Create Your Ideal Relationship.

Most people are never shown how to have a successful relationship. Where you currently are with your relationship is the result of beliefs developed over your lifetime. If you want to change the quality of your relationship you need to understand what is causing your current issues and how those issues are impacting both of you.

I use a no-nonsense, direct approach to Relationship Counselling and Coaching.

There is no fluff, and no endless talking in circles waiting for somebody to have a light bulb moment.

I strongly believe in getting results. I am not just talking about a warm and fuzzy feeling but results that you can see as your relationship is transformed.

Frankly, my job is to do myself out of a job by providing you with the skills to become self-sufficient in growing your relationship.

Understanding your drives and needs is the first step in empowering yourself. Understanding others drives and needs is the foundation of good relationships. I believe that a desire to understand yourself and others and a desire to implement necessary changes makes relationship repair and transformation possible.

If you are serious about getting results we are serious about working with you.

Repair - Design - Create your Relationship

Opening hours

Opens at 10:00
  • Monday to Friday from 10:00 - AM to 8:00 - PM
  • Saturday from 9:30 - AM to 1:00 - PM

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  • Amex
  • Cash
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
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Last update: 11/03/2019
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